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I'll start this by saying "I'm sorry". I want to ask you to forgive me by worry lines, for the nights that I don't let you sleep cause I was sick, perhaps by not as you expected, for being too angry sometimes, or leave dirty dishes and shoes in the middle of the house, but even with all that I want you to know that I don't do on purpose, not just to leave you stressed.
   It is valid to say that I am writing this because you know how much I do not like you to see me cry, you looking at me with narrowed eyes, as if you were reading my mind and maybe understand why I was fading me in tears. But no, mother, you won't understand.
   You know, I think I never thanked you for everything ... for being so careful with me, for having the patience to tell me I'm wrong or that sometimes the world is not really what I expected, for loving me even when we fight, not let me out sometimes cause was too cold outside, by making stupid jokes to make me laugh when your drama daughter here is so tired of living in a world where nothing is as in a fairy tale as I always expected it to be, by stroking my hair when I fought with my best friend, for calling me stupid nicknames that both make me feel 6 years. Simply thank you for everything.
   Mom, you tell me you did not create me to yourrself, I'll go one day because that is what the children do; they are in the world, living their lives. You don't know how much it hurts me to hear that. You do not understand, do you? As much as I travel, I sleep away from home, I marry me or one of us simply go away, I'm with you, this bond is eternal. Our feeling is eternal, then mother, I'll never leave you.
   You may think I'm not leaving you because I feel guilty for all the times I made you sad and even cry; may find it because I feel indebted to all present for birthday, Christmas, and everything else, or maybe you think I'm not leaving because I think you're my responsibility. All alternatives are not true. I'm not leaving because I love you. I love you like I never could explain, and understand that maybe only the day that I have someone to call me mom.
   Mom, I love you and I'm not ashamed to say that I' will be forever that girl that gets sentimental when you hold me and say you love me aloud.  

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